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The ultimate luxury

Less than two centuries ago we would remove the grain from shafts of wheat by threshing. The leftover bits were inedible but could be used as fuel for the fire, insulation, building material, or in the case when most homes still had dirt floors, directly on the ground to make the home a bit warmer and more comfortable. To keep all the leftover threshing material inside the house whenever the door was opened, a board was nailed across the bottom of the doorway. This was called the thresh-hold, and we still use that term to this very day.

Later, rich families acquired tapestries from overseas and instead of hanging them on the walls, they were placed directly on the floor as carpets. This was followed by floor-cloths, and then actual rugs. Eventually, we utilized purpose-made carpeting that went from one wall to another, eliminating the need to ever set foot on mere wood again!

Modern Times

Nowadays we are starting to see a reversal of that trend as people and businesses begin to favor marble, tile, hardwood, and synthetic surfaces, sometimes due to fashion, and sometimes due to allergens. We strongly suspect, however, that carpet will truly never go out of style. Hard, non-resilient surfaces are uncomfortable to stand on for any length of time; they can cause backaches, shin splints, and even headaches; worse yet, in the wintertime they are very cold to walk on with bare feet.

The downside to carpeting of any style is that it does tend to accumulate dirt. A thorough weekly vacuuming can do wonders to maintain the integrity of your floor covering; it’s even better if you have one of those cute little robots that does the job automatically two or three times a week at 3:00 AM—very convenient.

The problem is that the dirt particles work their way down between the fibers, all the way down to the backing material that supports the fibers of your carpet. Over time these sharp little fragments work like little knives, weakening the fibers, until they start to shed. As the carpet loses these fibers it begins to “wear out”, and eventually has to be replaced.

The sad part is, your vacuum cleaner, no matter how powerful, cannot remove these deep-buried particles. That is why you need the 713cleaning team to come to your rescue. Our deep-cleaning steam equipment can reach right down to the greatest depths of your carpet, to loosen, dissolve, and remove those abrasive particles before they can do their damage.

Even that seemingly “permanent” dark trail from your front door across your cream colored carpet can be made to vanish with our high-tech equipment, advanced cleaners, and years of expertise.





Steam cleaning eliminates allergens from the carpet, making it more comfortable for sensitive family members, clients, employees, or patients. Another super bonus is that steam cleaning removes those indentations in your carpet from a piece of heavy furniture sitting in the same spot for months or years. Now you can safely rearrange your furniture and not be stuck with those horrible dents.


Being in your office or home every day tends to dull your sensitivity to things getting a bit shabby. That portion of the carpet around the patio door that keeps getting darker and darker as people wander in and out of the backyard can get remarkably bad but remain invisible to you because you see it every day.

The same thing occurs in your office where the highest traffic area gets darker and darker while everything surrounding it remains much brighter. In either case you don’t see it, but it is painfully obvious to your visitors when they arrive—all they see is the dirt.

Scheduling your carpet cleaning, depending on your needs, for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or even just one time per year keeps you from falling into the trap of inadvertent shabbiness. When we call to confirm the appointment, you’ll suddenly realize that it is the right time, and you need us right away!

The Takeaway

Take a moment to call your 713cleaning team today. All work is 100% guaranteed, and if you’re dissatisfied we will come back and re-clean the area until you are happy. Failing that, we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you simply can’t go wrong by calling your 713cleaning team today.

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