Commercial & Office Cleaning

Commercial & Office Cleaning

When Clean Really Counts

Would you go into an Urgent Care Center (UCC) if the floor was sticky, and there were clumps of dirt under the radiators, or cobwebs hanging from the air conditioning vent? How about a fitness facility, where the exercise machines are all surrounded by a white ring of dried sweat, caked into the carpet? In a restaurant, would you feel comfortable following a person to your table where each step stirred up dust from the carpet?

You’re not a babysitter!

Are you just exhausted looking for a reliable cleaning service? Does it drive you mad that every time a crew comes in, you have to instruct them on every single facet of making your business premises presentable?

It’s time for a change

It is time to make the call, to 713 Cleaning, the very last cleaning service you will ever have to hire. Watch your stress just melt away as we take over the entire burden of making your business sparkle.

You don’t have to go around and check everything after we’re done, because that’s not your job—you have more important things to do—that’s our job and we complete an inspection report before we leave to make sure everything is perfect.


We are always seeking your feedback, too. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied, and if you ever find something that we overlooked, we will happily come back and re-clean it until you are completely happy. In the remarkably unlikely event that you cannot be satisfied with our cleaning job, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

The Takeaway

Don’t disappoint your patients, clients, or customers with less than a magnificent effort from your cleaning company. 713 Cleaning is the cleaning team that is going to make the difference in how you were perceived by your customers. This is one place where you cannot afford to hire the second best. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can make sure your customers leave with a great impression of your company.

We’re not afraid of the competition. That’s why you can use the Instant Quote button to find out just what it will cost. You don’t have to provide all your information before you find out the price! You can fill out the personal information after you see how great it is (and how much less than the competition), because we are confident about our rates and our reputation. Go ahead…try it out right now!

It also makes the perfect gift. Amounts are completely customizable. If your partner or friend is working too hard, why not give them a break?

Being Realistic


Medical facilities have to be sanitary, spotless, and pleasing to the eye. Complex antibiotic-resistant bacteria like C. difficile love to hide in overlooked corners and can persist for months. Poor cleaning can provide the opportunity for it to spread very easily, particularly in environments where a lot of antibiotic use (or overuse) takes place.

This is why medical examination tables are always infused with silver iodide. As soon as a bacterial cell comes in contact with silver, it dies—harmless to humans, but deadly to bacteria. But that’s not true for every surface, and that’s why it must be clean!


Someone isn’t likely to catch a disease at their local Fitness Center, of course, but that’s no excuse for letting appearances slide. Cleaning those mats so that they look fresh and ready for use, or polishing those mirrors in the yoga center so they’re not all covered with fingerprints, is a great first step.

Of course, as we know, your fitness center is probably full of bright, shiny chromed machines and tools—if anyone takes the time the polish them. And the change-rooms need to be spotless to make sure people see it as a welcoming environment. The last thing clients need to see is accumulated lint and fibers from hundreds of people doing clothes-changes every week.

And who wants to walk into a shower where all the knobs and fittings are coated with residual shampoo, soap, and hair-treatment products, and the grout between the tiles has turned gray? No one—that’s who!

Fine Dining

While fast-food places have their staff sanitizing tables, emptying trash, and sweeping or mopping the floor on a regular basis, it is a completely different experience from fine dining. People don’t get dressed up to go to McDonald’s because they expect it to be a fairly ordinary venue.

Once a couple puts on their best suits or dresses, and are prepared to pay a premium price, they are justified in expecting a premium experience. Dusty plants? Filthy carpets? Sticky bannisters? Completely unacceptable!

A top quality restaurant should be cleaner than your home; beautiful, elegant, and in every way giving the impression of luxury and care. If someone is paying $40 for a steak, they should not be getting stains on their clothes from your seating! After the opera they should not be getting dust marks on their white gloves from touching anything in your establishment. Anything less than perfection is simply wrong.

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